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How "listen to" was born


The basic idea was simple, our aim was to produce vibrant and unique portraits of musicians. Thus it was important to accompany an extraordinary and new look with questions full of substance. ’listen to’ is centralized around our moment in time. This Zeitgeist feeling is the common thread that stitches all of the elements of the portraits together. The end result captures a new perspective on the artists, while leaving a mark on the audience’s mind.

Summing it up:

’listen to’ introduces the musicians in their intimate surroundings. Our cameras follow along into their home, studio, working spaces and their neighborhood. In the 2 – 4 minute glimpse ’listen to’ constitutes an interview-project that documents creative people and reveals individual perspectives and experiences. A one-time opportunity to gain uniquely vibrant insight given by professional videos, attention to detail and background information.

About us:


'listen to' was founded in 2011 by the creatives of True motion pictures and We Make Them Wonder

We are a crew of different people connected through the same spirit. Our team is driven by high aims for quality and an equal passion for aesthetics. Our films are a product of this spirit which influences our storytelling and art work.

Even though we come from different fields of work, we are united in 'listen to' which provides us a platform to use as our creative playing field.

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People we like to thank:


Sven Arning, for joining this project and giving his eyeteeth. Paul Jax, for his feverish editing. Christian Peters, for making all graphic elements look fantastically awesome. Alexis Kovalenko, for setting this website up. Rocky Villanueva, for being a lector and mentor. Dockville Festival organizers, for giving us the opportunity to realize this. Last but not least, Chistian and Nico from Kollektiv Turmstraße, we are greatful beyond words.

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